Sunday, 14 May 2017


Some things that never get old -

That first warm summer evening when you can have dinner in the green and the wind is warm and soft.

Sudden snuggle-ups and love declarations from your child.

Twin Peaks.

Anything with chocolate. Well, almost anything.
(and then I wonder why some of my clothes won't fit me in the waist anymore. If they don't fit my behind it's of course just because of my squatting and heavy weight leg pressing at them gym, obviously.)
ps. Pictured are the almost healthy chocolate raw food muffins.

Gardening. You know all those things they say about gardening and life and so on. All true.

And then of course This One.


Anonymous said...

My favorite picture is the one with Dag. I'm green with envy because you have a beautiful garden and a purple orchid? is that a real one?

Maren von farbwunder-style said...

You're so right! Summer evenings, children, twin peaks, gardening and Queen at their best!!! I love your blog! Beau-ti-ful pictures! Thank you! xx Maren

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